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A hassle-free worry-free program to purchase your Adult Education student textbooks while attending Lancaster Bible College. This program is for our Adult Education students who are attending our Lancaster, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. locations.  This program is NOT available for Traditional Undergraduate students on the Lancaster Campus, Seminary, Graduate, PhD, or DMin Students.  If you are a Traditional Undergraduate student at our Lancaster campus, we have a delivery program for you called TEXTBOOK BUTLERhttps://lbc.formstack.com/forms/textbook_butler_form

1. One Shipment
At the start of each semester, have all your books for each class shipped directly to you.
2. Save 10%
Receive 10% off the cost of the books and charge them to your student account.
3. FREE Shipping
Your books will be shipped to you for FREE.

  • You must sign up at least two weeks before the start of the next term. If you register for classes in the middle of a term, you can sign up at that time.

  • You may withdraw from the Textbooks 1-2-3 program at any time by contacting the bookstore.

  • If you drop a class, the books can be returned to the bookstore for a full refund. The return policy is listed below.

  • If there is a textbook edition change after you have received the books, we will send you the correct book and send you a label to return the old edition free of charge.

Contact the Bookstore with your questions.
717.560.8242 | bookstore@lbc.edu | lbcbookstore.com

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Textbook 1-2-3 Agreement


Textbooks may NOT be returned or exchanged IF:  

  • The plastic shrink wrap has been opened or removed.  
  • The textbook has been highlighted or written in (only applicable for NEW textbooks).
  • The textbook has been damaged.  
  • The accompanying CD or Study Aids are missing from the text package.  
  • The drop-class date established by the college has passed for the current semester.

*Refunds will be issued in the same form as initial payment was made.

Note: As students, there is no need to place an order for books after signing up for the program.  We have access to your schedule and will send you the books based on your schedule. 

The Staff at Bookends

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